June 16, 2012
The Popularity of Wall Decals
We’ve noticed that removable wall decals have become more and more popular in recent years, and thought we’d share some of the key reasons why they’ve taken off in a big way lately.  
Removable Wall Stickers

Wall Change Blossom Decal

  • Easy to apply

Unlike many aspects of interior design where a good level of experience to maximise the look and feel of your interior space, this form of wall decor doesn’t require any skills – just stick up and enjoy!  Above all, fitting them is a fun experience, with none of the messiness involved with changes such as wall paper  
Removable Flower Decals

Floral Interior Design

  • Wide range of designs

There’s a wealth of choice out there when it comes to different types, with everything from the smallest butterfly to life size cityscape depictions, to the most detailed art inspired designs, it’s easy to find a design that suits your particular taste.  After a bit of looking, it’s easy to picture you’ll potentially have something on your wall that’ll be a real talking point with all who come across it.  
Tree Wall STicker

Tree Bedroom Wall Design

  • Affordable

With smaller designs starting from well under £10, there’s very little cost outlay involved with this type of decoration.  Even the larger stickers still offer great value for money when you think of the potentially radical difference they could make to your wall.  
Wall Decor

Living Space Silhouette

  • Flexibility

There’s not much commitment involved with this form of interior design – every sticker available from Wall Change is made from a quality, heavy duty vinyl that is perfectly removable.  So if you decide you’d like to alter the positioning of your new decal, want it elsewhere or simply want to go for an all new design, no problem!  They couldn’t be more different from painting in this sense, when if you decide a new shade is called for, there’s a lot of work ahead.  With this option, simply peel off, and start over!  
Wall Change Retro Decals

Space Invaders

  • Fun!

Above all, they’re fun!  Application isn’t a challenge by any stretch, and you’ll find a wall decal that has the potential to brighten up even the most drab interior space.  

Bedroom Dots

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